Our Shield

Our name

The name ZBaum Ltda stems from a forestry technique commonly used in Germany in which, depending on species, a select amount of superior trees are chosen based on vitality, quality and spatial dispersion. These select trees are the ‘elite trees’ (Zukunftsbaum or Z-Baum) and are the measure used for all future cultivation. This process allows the trees to attain their full growth potential, thereby establishing healthy, biodiversified and valuable forests.

ZBaum Ltda. is committed to the holistic management of timberland properties, planning and execution of forestry measures, as well as consulting and training. We administer both the so-called “Bosque Nativo” (forests with autochthonous timber species) as well as plantations with exotic timber species.

Our longstanding specialisation in the management and regeneration of the Bosque Nativo, has positioned us as a forerunner within Chilean forestry.

Our History

In June 2006, the firm was founded as “Comercial y Forestal TREETOP Ltda.“. The foundation was supported by the German organisation CIM (Centre for international migration and development), a subsidiary of the former GTZ (Society for technical cooperation), today the GIZ (Society for international cooperation).

The firm quickly built a large range of services: management, technical consulting, cartography, inventory, felling plans, timber extraction etc. Similarly, the firm operated in various regions and climate zones within Chile and abroad, utilising its services and as a forestry task force. The clients were mostly private entities or public institutions, such as the German Embassy in Chile or the GIZ.

In August 2012 the managing director and his family purchased TREETOP Ltda. and changed the name to Comercial y Forestal ZBAUM Ltda. The entire team and infrastructure of the firm remained through the acquisition.

Outstanding manpower and technical strength

Due to their economic scale and longevity, timberland investments require decisions of significant magnitude. We are a team with extensive experience and specialisation in all areas of forest management. Our philosophy is to sustainably and innovatively manage forests, thereby creating healthy, valuable and biodiversified forests. We can advise on the chances and risks involved with timberland investments, and assist with the planning and realisation of such an investment.

The best technology

Our wide spectrum of machines, vehicles, tools and equipment allows us to successfully serve our clients and overcome any forestry challenge, either as a permanent manager or a case advisor.

Vision, Mission and Values



Be a leader in the sustainable management of forestry and agricultural lands contributing life to the land.


We profitably manage productive work in the forestry and agricultural fields with excellence, innovation and commitment to nature, our customers, our staff and the community.


  • SUSTAINABILITY | It is the triangle whose vertices create a harmony between ecology, social development and the economic factor.

  • RESPECT | For the people who work in the company, for the clients, the suppliers, the community and the nature.

  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | The integral development of our company, our customers and suppliers goes hand in hand with the development of the community in which we are inserted.

  • EXCELLENCE | In the processes and results.

  • INNOVATION | Steady improvement.

  • PROFITABILITY | Increase the economic value of our clients’ investment.

  • LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT | Who wants to do something finds the form, who does not find an excuse. It is the awareness of our actions to comply with our customers, collaborators and suppliers.